Leading amazed fans with her new photo, which was published in his Instagram.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Recently Anfisa appeared before fans in a new way. The star has long struggled with excess weight and found a way to reset them. Some did not recognize postroynevshaya and prettier Chekhov. Fans flooded the celebrity questions on the topic of how she managed to achieve such results.

Leading willingly told the way of your weight loss. According to Anfisa, she didn’t starve yourself with strict diets, just first took my appearance and began the healing of the body. This is what has helped celebrity to be slim.

Recently, I download the film pleased fans of Frank the. For the photographer emaciated presenter posed in a Golden gown with a large cutout at the back. The beauty Anfisa skillfully stressed evening makeup and a neat hairstyle .

Fans were delighted with the picture and bombarded the star with positive reviews. Many noted that in this way Anfisa looks very attractive and sexy.