The actress in an interview told about their plans for the coming years and also about his relationship with children.

This information was reported by “Russian Dialogue,” citing foreign media.

Recently Angelina in conversation with journalists spoke on his plans. According to star, her children are a few years to disperse to different countries.

It is worth Recalling that three of the six heirs Jolie adopted along with her husband, actor brad pitt. Kids were born in different States. Maddox was born in Cambodia, pax Thien, a native from Vietnam and Zahara, Angelina took from Ethiopia. According to the actress, her heirs can go to other countries and will continue her business, doing charity work.

Itself Jolie works with projects that support education, health and environmental protection in less developed countries .

Angelina is sure that her children will succeed, and it is, to the extent possible, will try them all keep.