A new cosmetic procedures performed by Angelina Jolie, has alarmed her fans.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Aware that the popular Hollywood beauty Angelina
Jolie is not experiencing the best period in my life. Recent high-profile divorce from
husband brad pitt made a famous actress rarely appear in the secular
events and always conceal eyes under the dark sunglasses.

But recently, Jolie attended an official event taking place in
Kenya. At the event Angelina attended without his beloved
accessory, which aroused a heated discussion among the public.

During the world refugee day, Hollywood where
the actress gave a speech on preventing sexual violence in
time of war, she was dressed in a lovely pant suit light beige,
which concealed its excessive thinness. Your image, the star added
a light coral lipstick and flowing hair .

But looking at the pictures from the event, many fans watching
for the life of a celebrity, noted how “frozen” looks like a face
Angie. Chances are that such immobility was a result of the new injection
Botox and fillers, which made a celebrity.

By the way, many discuss the rumor that Jolie is so often
visits to the beautician for the “beauty shots” due to the fact that he was afraid
to age.

We remind you that earlier the “Russian Dialogue” reported that the new neighbours of the famous actress complain that the education of her children leaves much to be desired.