Anna Grachevskaya answered detractors who criticized her curvy shape after plastic surgery.

A couple of months ago Anna Graczewska did surgery to increase buttocks. Now that the swelling and bruising are gone, the presenter is willing to share with their fans candid photo, showing the updated “fifth point”, according to “Russian conversation”.

Not all subscribers like these pictures. Many people write offensive comments. Apparently, such a message was very much, in fact recently Anna has published an angry post addressed to all ill-wishers.

“Pass by, it’s my ass and my life. I decided that it would be, and I don’t care what you think about this” – confessed celebrity.

She has also published a new candid shot, which was posed in the same translucent panties. Most fans said that Anna looks great, and that she should not pay attention to the comments of the haters .