Popular model talked about what he thinks about the sensational stories of rape at the party.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Celebrities actively involved in the discussion on the history, the incident with the schoolgirl Diana. After the party, the girl accused your friend of rape. The courts had already decided, and the young man is in prison. This incident removed a few programs in which discusses the behaviour of both parties of the story.

Model Anna Kalashnikov left away from the incident. The celebrity expressed his opinion on the matter. According to Anna, she doesn’t want to judge anybody, but think that the guy has no right to use physical force to commit violence regardless of the behavior of the girl. While the Kalashnikov does not support Shurygin, which, in her opinion, “PR” loud stories and behaves inappropriately .

Model urged his fans to cultivate children proper values, and the younger generation – to take an example from anyone of the participants in this setorii.