Model decided to show the fans how good-looking her little son Daniel.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Two years ago Anna gave birth to a son, who was named Danya. The star claimed that the baby’s father is a popular singer of Prokhor Chaliapin. However, after conducting a DNA test revealed that the singer may not be a relative of the child. The wedding of Prokhor and Anna had to be cancelled because the contractor did not want to legitimize the relationship with the bride that he had been deceived.

Now, despite all the conflicts, ex-lovers continue to communicate. Chaliapin argued that just friends with ex-fiancée and sometimes visits her with a child.

Recently, Kalashnikova decided to show the fans of the person of the son. According to Anna, a long time she was afraid to publish the pictures with the baby, but for media interviews all took part in a photo shoot with Danya .

Fans were very happy that the model finally showed looks like her son. Many people believe, baby, like Chaliapin, although the examination has denied the information that the performer is his biological father.