Fans suspected that the model Anna Kalashnikov and the son of Larisa Kopenkina Yuri Bezzubov are romantically involved.

Fans of Anna Kalashnikova has put forward a new theory. According to them, the young woman meets up with Yuri Bezzubova, the son of businesswoman Larisa Kopenkina, according to “Russian conversation”.

Recently, microblogging celebrity, there are shots on which she is depicted with a mysterious stranger. The young man’s face could not be seen, however, some followers said that from the back male is very similar to the son of Larissa Kopenkina.

Anna also repeatedly stated that her new chosen one has his own business. It is known that Yuri is really engaged in the development of their own business. Still Anna these rumors are not commented on, which causes even more interest of fans .

We will note, earlier beloved Anna Kalashnikow Prokhor Chaliapin threw Larisa Kopenkina for a relationship with the model. For some time the women had a feud, but later they made up and even began to appear together at public events.

Recall, in social networks rumors about the second pregnancy of Anna Kalashnikova. Recently, the star commented on the news and talked about the upcoming wedding with new lover.