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22 APR “Anna Karenina” clearly marked its first anniversary. With constant sell-out artists of the musical played its 100th performance

The theatre was a festive atmosphere, each guest received this evening a memorable souvenir from “Anna Karenina”. During the execution of the final song the stage was covered with shiny confetti, and happy artists received congratulations from the enthusiastic audience.

“Anna Karenina, six months and about 100 performances. And, you know, every time I go on stage for the first time, – admitted Ekaterina Guseva, who plays Anna Karenina. And we feel that we are loved that we exist in a single burst with the audience that we’re flying! I wish “Anna Karenina” only high-flying!”

Natalia Bystrova, who plays kitty Shtcherbatskaya, said: “For me, “Anna Karenina” is the first project in the Theater, and I loved him with all my heart . When the hall full of audience, and the audience full of delight – it’s an incredible storm of emotions! And it gives us such an unforgettable experience that I want again and again to go on stage. I can’t believe we played for 100 performances!”

“Anna Karenina” is a masterpiece of world classics about the relationship between men and women. A dramatic love story of a married lady Anna Karenina and brilliant young officer, Alexei Vronsky, is set against the backdrop of the glamour and luxury of aristocratic life in the second half of the XIX century.

The premiere of the musical “Anna Karenina” was held on 8 October 2016, and since the play accompany the inevitably sold out and tickets for the musical sold out for months ahead.

In the company of the musical – best Metropolitan artists genre: Ekaterina Guseva, Valeria Lanskaya, Dmitry Ermak, Sergey Lee, Olga Belyaeva, Natalia Bystrova, Igor Balalaev, Lika Rulla, Andrey Birin, Alexander Marakulin, Maxim Zausalin and many others.

The next performances of the musical “Anna Karenina” will be held from 16 to 28 may and from 20 June to 2 July in the Theatre of operetta.

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