Anna Sedokova


Photo from open sources

Singer all his life dreamed of a big family and live in the United States.

Singer Anna Sedokova on his page in social network Instagram has published a tender photo with their newborn son Hector. Note that the name of the father of the child, the artist said.

Anna Sedokova put in your microblocks delicate photo with his son Hector. This presenter has decided not to show the faces of the baby. According to the singer, she wanted a big family and live in the United States. Note that Anna Sedokova and has two daughters and young son, all children have different fathers.

Fans wrote nice words to the singer and was happy for his favorite: “Adorable!”, “What great love”, “What You do is wise. Love very much”, “so tender”. Recall that Sedokova network signed a 3.7 million Instagram followers .