The singer has published a new picture of the heir.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Sedokova became popular thanks to participation in the maiden group “VIA Gra”. However, since that time has flowed a lot of water, and she has built a successful solo career. Besides work, Anne also manages to raise three children, Alina, Monica and their youngest son, for which she picked up an unusual name, Hector.

Quite often, the singer publishes posts on the topic of his personal life, talking about the joy of motherhood, about how she approaches education. In honor of children’s Day Sedokova posted his picture posing with the little Hector on his hands.

In the post under the Anna wrote, for any child it is important to understand that the parents will always be there and love him no matter what ready to support, help and comfort . The singer added that she gives it all to the education of two daughters and a son and really loves them.