The famous singer is planning to leave the social network alone and start living in reality.

pop singer, TV presenter, actress and former lead singer of the female pop group “VIA
Gra” Anna Sedokova plans in the future to abandon the social network under
the name “Instagram”, according to “Russian conversation”.

A mother of three
children said that too much in love with life to waste it in vain
The Internet.

The other day
the popular singer was found with her best friend Vardoe that
is the world champion of pole dancing. Naturally, the girls decided
to do a joint photo and share it in social network.

In the picture,
which Anna has published on his official page in social network “Instagram”,
girls both dressed in black outfits. Sedokova in black ripped jeans, a jacket and
hat, and wards – dress, jacket and handbag .

detail new photos in the social network was the post which ex-member of “VIA
Gry” written under it. There the girl admitted that has become very dependent
from social networks. She has some sort of obsession to constantly put
all new and new pictures. According to the statement, the girl plans to decrease its
activity in the popular application. Also Sedokova advised its
admirers to pay attention to it and begin to live in the present, not
the virtual world.

add to that the popular singer signed in Instagram
more than 3.8 million followers.