S. not too successfully processed your photo, which has been criticized by subscribers.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Anna did not always publish their best shots. Among users of the social network once actively discussed what a special employee retouches photos leading before she’ll post them in my Instagram. Recently Semenovich again surprised fans with a new post on his official profile.

In the picture Anna is depicted in full growth. Star posing in a tight t-shirt, Cape and short shorts. In this case, fans noticed that the photo pre-processing and feet Semenovich look quite unnatural. Because of this, members left many critics in the comments.

“A terrible photoshop that leg”, “Ottamasara awful, yeah never will she have this figure”, the “Queen of photoshop. Bravo!”, “Photoshopped” – these comments were left by users of social networks under the photo .

It is worth noting that Anna said only the fans who appreciated their picture and criticism chose to ignore.