Singer Anna Sizova long remembered by fans not only for its bright songs in the genre of folk music, but the fact that her hit “Red hill” is recognized as the unofficial wedding anthem, which is played in all registry offices of the capital. Winner of numerous awards and prizes all she has achieved, coming from Siberia. “MK” has decided to talk with the singer, which soon will take place a grandiose concert in the Kremlin Palace.

— Anna, you live in Moscow for more than 15 years. Tell us why you decided to come to the capital, because, as you say, where was born — there and handy?

— I will answer briefly. To Moscow to his grandmother Elizabeth Sizova, who raised 14 children, including my father Yevgeny, I brought my mom. I wanted to go to music school. Gnesin. Everything happened like in the movie “Come back tomorrow” we were late for the entrance exams, and the following year I entered the musical College named after Shnitke .

— Anna, we know that you have a very big family. They followed you back to Moscow?

— We are the parents of 10 children: 5 boys and 5 girls. I’m the fifth child in the family. The sisters all followed in the footsteps of mother all work in the cultural environment: Eugenia — head of the culture Department of the district, Hope — choreographer, Alexander Director, head of folklore collective. They live in the district center in the Irkutsk region together with their parents. All of them are already mothers. The brothers have family. Sing when you’re in a relationship with a song of life!

— You played and won in international festivals abroad. How are there any Russian music?

— Music is a language that requires no translation. I was received very well, and Russian folk music in my performance was popular with foreign fans, I, of course, it was nice.

— For an artist working in the genre of folk music, it is important, he will present the song: bright costumes, sets… And how are your outfits?

— I agree, the costume is one element that helps create and communicate the image to the stage. And I mostly come up with their outfits herself, relying on tradition. Sew them according to my sketches.

— Anna, you’re growing a beautiful baby. He already knows your repertoire?

— Seraph loves all my songs and singing them since as soon as began to speak. He is an active guy, already in the mother’s tummy, listened to good music, because I spoke to the birth.

— You are expected the concert in the Kremlin Palace on April 18. What will surprise the audience?

— The very fact that the concert will be held in the heart of Russia, close to the Cathedral square of the Kremlin, gives the concert a high spiritual state status. Fans will hear the original song, accompanied by the ensemble of gusla players and ballet group, will bast Russia — castelsecco-song. A special guest of the program will be the laureate of the Bunin prize, “Siberian Yesenin” as it is called in the press, my fellow countryman Vasily Popov. I will sing the song “the Orthodox Russia”, which has already become truly popular. It is sung in many parishes across the country at competitions and festivals. This song led us to the Kremlin, where we will perform together with the audience.