stressed that the new discovery is fundamentally different from interpretations
Zechariah Sitchin. The private decryption supporters of the new theory was applied
Greek and Semitic languages. Subsequently, this technique was able to establish
the prerequisites for the death of the gods of Nibiru. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii

First it was reported that a Sumerian ruler had extraterrestrial origins.

discourage the world community own conclusions. So, according to
texts, in fact there was a Paradise garden which is located on
the territory of modern Turkey. Unlike the biblical analogue, the Kharsag
was home for individuals that have brought genetic engineers from Nibiru.
Sat in the corner of the deity, in which there was no consensus
regarding what to do with people. One seemed more preferable
to give them freedom, others saw in humanity a threat to the strength of their power.

Having the freedom
people destroyed their creators and took over their technology. Further stages
the formation of individuals known around the world, but that will be farther with people
for sure it is not installed.

Was previously publicized information on 4000-year-old manuscripts of the Sumerians. We will remind, on the territory of the Russian Federation revealed the remains of a Sumerian deity.