Anonymous hackers have published interesting information about the activities of NASA. So, according to the published materials, Professor Thomas Zurbuchen at a meeting of the U.S. Committee on science, space and technology made a statement that the publication of official information about the existence of aliens is inevitable. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

According to scientific figure, humanity is getting close to opening
evidence of the existence of alien life in outer space. Anonymous
on his website talked about the fact that long before the development of life on Earth
other planets it is no longer just existed, and was reasonable and well-developed.

Previously on the photograph, NASA scientists found a huge interstellar ship that refueled from the Sun .

The photograph clearly visible oblong object in gigantic proportions,
its length is equal to size, which can be obtained by taking the diameter of our
planet several times. Also visible and a strange glowing strip running from the UFO
in the direction to the Sun.