Bravo Airways delayed the flight “Antalya-Kiev”.

Fri 11 Aug 2017

Photo: Twitter

World news:the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Turkey announced that the airline Bravo Airways delayed the flight “Antalya-Kiev” in connection with the fault plane.

In Turkey in Antalya because of “some technical problems” aircraft delayed flight to Kiev, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

As reported by Radio Liberty in the Department of consular service of the foreign Ministry, representatives of the airline promised to fix the aircraft and another on Friday to send the Ukrainians in Kiev.

The foreign Ministry noted that, according to the carrier, the engineer of the company arrived on the scene, taking measures to restore the technical health of the aircraft.

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“Most of the passengers were placed in hotels, remains at the airport . Embassy staff are in place in contact with representatives of airlines and tour operators. Expected departure of the aircraft to 23:00″, – reported in Department.

As of 22:15 was reported about the completion of the preparations for the departure of the flight Antalya-Kiev.

Flight Antalya-Kiev was supposed to be a “BRAVO Airways,” added the Minister.

In the airline situation with the delay, not comment.