Antalya has tightened restrictions on drinking alcohol outside of the hotels, cafes and bars, says the document posted on the official website of the Department of security in Antalya.

“Within the borders of Antalya province, a ban on consumption of alcoholic beverages in public and in the form, may cause resentment of others, in such areas as open for public use as parks, gardens, squares, open areas, residential areas, roads, picnic areas and archaeological sites, buildings, railway and bus stations, streets, alleys, historical sites and places of cultural events, places of worship, abandoned buildings, construction sites, areas for ATMs, spaces under bridges, and recreational areas within the boundaries of municipalities, and any vehicle, regardless of their place of Parking,” according to the document.

According to the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR), the penalty for violating the ban will be 100 Turkish Lira – approximately 25 Euro .

Consulate General of Russia in Antalya on the page in Facebook called on Russian tourists to take seriously the injunction to avoid penalties.

“In connection with the introduction in the province of Antalya ban on drinking alcohol in public places in order to avoid administrative fines for Russian citizens, including tourists are strongly advised not to appear in public places or on the street drunk, as well as to consume alcoholic beverages in places not designated for these purposes”, – is spoken in the message on the page of the Consulate General.