Statements by self-proclaimed ORDO on transfer under their jurisdiction do not imply a transition in the right box are the actual violation of property rights, says lawyer law firm “asters”, member of the Ukrainian bar Association (UBA) Volga Sheiko.

“Ultimatums about the transition of Ukrainian enterprises located on the uncontrolled site, the sound loud, but what was behind them? The transition into the legal field? I have refrained from statements about the legal field. All that it (the legal field so-called “breakaway republics” – if) is the replenishment of funds is not even of the Treasury, and the individual pockets”, she said the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

The lawyer noted that “for anybody not a secret that Ukrainian enterprises were paid “wages” uncontrolled territories”.

“A number of companies that are allowed to supply, are unable a priori to wind 500%, the price is made up, including “tribute” you leave in ORDA” she said .

Relative to working in non-government controlled enterprises V. Sheiko said that the employees and assets of such enterprises in the case of work for the legal field of Ukraine will not be protected.

“Whether protected workers of the enterprises and the enterprises themselves, not in the legal field of Ukraine – is unlikely. Cost-effective to import raw materials from Russia, which has expressed a desire to do it and in the same way to export the resulting products to the economists. However, to establish such supplies – a matter of time, and the plants are already. Whether to ordinary people any dividends from this transition – of course not,” she said.

The lawyer noted that, according to media reports, in non-government controlled territory, in particular, in Donetsk region, “taxes already exceeded the scope of the reasonable.”

“Small and medium business is clearly in poor condition, and the failure (from the payment of so-called “tax” – if) may have various negative consequences in terms of lack of work, human rights, the courts, the opportunity to appeal illegal actions. So while there is a right of force, not the force of law, ultimatums sound loud, but more like a violation of rights in the first place, of ownership,” – said Vladimir Sheiko.

Vladimir Sheiko said that the so-called “jurisdiction” ORDO recognized only the so-called self-proclaimed republics and partly of the Russian Federation, passports and educational documents.

“The customs documents and certificates of origin ORDO not recognized and, accordingly, to speak about the global market is impossible. Small production making it through the buffer of the campaign Ossetia and Rostov, but on a large production there is no question,” said the lawyer.

As reported, the self-proclaimed authorities of the so-called “DNR”/”LNR” announced the intention to introduce external management at all enterprises of the Ukrainian jurisdiction temporarily uncontrollable territory (NCT), if March 1 is not lifted the trade blockade of NKT. In addition, the separatists require all companies from March 1 to register and start paying taxes on the tubing string.

The group Metinvest has stated that its assets in ORDA were unprofitable in each of the previous three years, without specifying naimenovaniya these assets. The total loss of owned or controlled by the Metinvest group assets under threat of expropriation by the separatists in the temporarily not controlled by Ukrainian authorities in the area of ATO in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, in 2014-2016 totaled approximately $214 million.

The main shareholders of Metinvest group are SCM (71,24%) and “Smart holding” (from 23.76%), partnering in company’s management.