Photo: CERN

Length of the Large hadron Collider is 27 kilometers. The new accelerator will be almost 10 times more powerful.

CERN has approved a plan to build a new giant Collider. It is reported in the journal Nature.

According to the plan of the European organization for nuclear research new particle accelerator will have a length of ring 100 kilometers. The large hadron Collider has a duration of only 27 kilometers.

The project called Future Circular Collider (FCC). The accelerator cost is estimated at $ 23 billion.

The new plant will be almost four times bigger and ten times more powerful TANK. Energy collisions in the new Collider will be around 100, with 16 teraelectronvolt TeV at the LHC.

The FCC will allow scientists to study the interaction of the Higgs boson with other particles, and to conduct high-precision measurements. Physicists hope that the new Collider will allow us to solve the mystery of the existence of dark matter.

Earlier it was reported that found a huge natural particle accelerators. Also the Correspondent wrote that was solved the secret of the existence of matter.

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