Photo: Estonia to host NATO exercises Spring storm

The exercise will involve more than nine thousand troops from 13 countries and hundreds of pieces of equipment, including armored vehicles, tanks, ships, and aircraft.

In Estonia, the start of the largest international exercises under the auspices of NATO’s Spring storm, which will take more than nine thousand troops from 13 countries, including Ukraine. On Sunday, April 28, reported the press service of the Main staff of the defence forces of Estonia.

The beginning of the exercise scheduled for Monday, April 29.

It is noted that the main task of the exercise, which will go on for three weeks from 29 April to 17 may, is to develop synchronization of the planning of combat actions, cooperation in the management and also increasing preparedness for the implementation of tactical tasks.

In the maneuvers will be attended by members of Belgium, Britain, Germany, Georgia, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, USA, Ukraine, Finland, France and Estonia. Also in the maneuvers will take part servicemen stationed in Estonia multinational NATO battalion and soldiers of the allies and partners who arrive in the Republic at the time of exercise.

The exercise will involve hundreds of pieces of equipment, including armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and tanks and planes and helicopters of the air forces of Estonia and allies. In particular, in the skies of Estonia will move fighters Eurofighter of the German air force and UK, the su-22 Polish air force, helicopters, Royal air force Wildcat and Apache, as well as US air force Pave Hawk.

In addition, the exercises will involve warships of the Estonian Navy and allies. The most active part of the maneuvers with the participation of warships will be held from 6 to 9 may at the ports of Tallinn and lääne-Virumaa.

Mostly the exercises will be held on the territory of the counties of lääne-Virumaa and IDA-Virumaa, but also in Harju and jõgeva County.

Earlier in the General staff spoke about the upcoming scale of the exercise Sea Breeze-2019.

As reported, Latvia held large-scale exercises with the participation of troops and military equipment stationed in the Baltic States battle groups of the expanded NATO presence.


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