Ukrainian soldiers acted ahead of the curve.

Ukrainian volunteer Yury Misyagin reported one of the largest successful operations of the APU in the Donbass.

The volunteer noted that our scouts received valuable information that allowed the fighters to catch the enemy by surprise.

“While very little information is known so far only that the enemy was planning to “congratulate” APU with the fifth anniversary of the liberation of one of the settlements, which is in the rear on the territory controlled by Ukraine. The information was obtained by our intelligence,” he wrote.

Also Misyagin noted that in addition to the area on 20 July in the evening the position of the brigade was shelled from mortars of 82 and 120 gauge. However, the Ukrainian soldiers retaliated to the militants.

“APU has developed and carried out the operation in advance. Was discovered place where military equipment and manpower of the enemy. While the exact information a bit, we only know what the techs lost a lot, a lot. And not just technology, namely combat military equipment”, — the volunteer noted.

He added that, unfortunately, from sniper bullets killed two soldiers of the 24th brigade.

“And second, platoon commander, sniper shot after he tried to provide medical assistance to the first soldier. A Krasnogorovka killed a local resident, from the debris after the fire from a grenade launcher LNG,” wrote Misyagin.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in the past days, in areas of the OOS Russian militants 26 times fired at the Ukrainian defenders of the Donbass.