Medical professionals testified that the astronaut has experienced increasing head sizes. Approval of researcher Irina Larina, to all explorers of space who are on the ships, the inherent increase in certain parts of the body. The prerequisites for such an unimaginable phenomenon can be called the swelling of tissue structures and organs, which are located above the middle part of the body. The individual often losing weight the feeling of fullness, modified olfactory function. Even during the arrival at the earth is so extraordinary sensations do not leave the individual. This publication reports the Russian Dialogue.

Astronauts may experience dizziness, muscular weakness and difficulty in maintaining balance.

Previously, it was found that 81 years ago, American astronauts have had to endure the shelling from the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. This fact is carefully hidden by us intelligence officials. These creatures were not particularly happy about the arrival of the earthlings, so he hastened to open fire.

In addition, the famous seer wolf Messing was able to predict the discovery astronauts from the ISS portal to another dimension. Thus supporters of alternative science could explain the sudden failure of all nearby equipment.