The international monetary Fund (IMF) for three weeks will provide Ukraine tranche after Parliament will support the second reading of bill No. 2571-d “On the improvement of some mechanisms of regulation of banking activities,” said the Chairman of the faction “people’s Servant” David Arakhamiya.

“I’m sure at 200%: after we vote banking act, within three weeks, we will get a tranche. This is the title, which is due to our police negotiating with the lender and it’s an understandable position,” said Arakhamia on Tuesday on air of the program “Ukraine with Tigran Martirosyan” on TV channel “Ukraine is 24”.

The Chairman of the faction “servant of the people” he added that tranche from the IMF, Ukraine needs to receive until the end of may, as this period includes the biggest payment on foreign debts.

He suggests that the time to vote in the second reading for the bill No. 2571-d members will have time till may 5.

“We can’t vote next week, because the Committee needed time on the table (with the amendments for the second reading – if), then this should give all MPs, according to the regulations, it is necessary 10 days, a promise that the bill could be passed into the hall, and even if we apply some clever, an accelerated procedure is (the adoption of the bill on second reading and in General – if) will not take place before may 5, I think so. We are at the end of may with a large payment, so we need to get the tranche before that – somewhere it looks like at the time”, – said the MP.

According to him, if nicer of the bill in the second reading will be delayed, then the whole country can be a problem. “If it (the bill – if) will be slowly done, we will have big problems as a country,” said Arakhamia.