Archaeologists have discovered a unique find in Britain


Photo: from open sources

Archaeologists have found the oldest in the world brain.

Archaeologists from York University in Britain found the skull, filled with substance, which is probably the remains of an ancient brain.

Archaeologists discovered this find during excavations in the Heslington East suburb of York, under which there is a settlement two thousand years ago. Scientists believe that the fossilized substance inside the skull – the oldest brain found in Britain, and possibly in the world. Archaeologists brought the discovery to the University and spent x-ray tomography of the skull.

Neurologist Philip du Fay, invited as a consultant, was impressed. According to him, the scan showed that the structure of the remains found correspond to the shape of a human brain. However, the specialist it is unclear how this could happen . He believes that brain tissue could not survive – they are too soft and are quickly destroyed under the influence of soil microorganisms.