Wed, 3 May 2017

Photo: from open sources

Recent archaeological excavations have allowed researchers to make a discovery, was found of the burial garden, which served as the object of worship.

Earlier, about this place historians knew only through the paintings. Excavations were conducted in Luxor, the burial of the garden, scholars have dated the period of the Middle Kingdom. The garden was discovered on the West Bank of the Nile in one of the ancient tombs.

The find is a small area where you planted the various plants, which was confirmed by archaeologists thanks to the presence of the remains of the roots. Also found a bowl that is envisaged as a place to offer gifts to the gods and passing something on to your friend dead.

Archaeologists claim that this finding is unique, because before anything similar did not find. Now scientists can study the funerary gardens, and people learn a bit more about the life of the ancient world .