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Science news: According to the researchers, the finding relates to 208-212 years of our era.

Archaeologists have discovered near Hadrian’s wall in the West of England of a mysterious bronze hand. Hand, the size of which is reminiscent of the nursery, was found by archaeologists during excavations of the ancient Roman fortress Vindolanda .

The find was discovered near the temple dedicated to Jupiter Dolichenus. It is part of the fortification wall Dating to the THIRD century ad. According to researchers, the arm was manufactured between 208 and 212 BC.

“The cult of Jupiter Dolihena is one of the most “mysterious” Eastern cults, which ceased to exist during the adoption of Christianity in the Roman Empire. What we do know is that the cult was associated with the weather and the processing of metal,” said Andrew Birley, Director of excavations at Fort Vindolanda.

Initially, the hand was equipped with a panel that was embedded in his palm. As scholars have noted, Jupiter, Daihen usually depicted holding in his outstretched hand a bolt of lightning. The open hand symbolizes protection and well-being.