Photo: Ruairidh Duncan

Vertebrae unique to the ancient reptiles found right on the beach. Archeologists had two hours to get him out of the wet sand.

In Australia have discovered the remains of a rare dinosaur elaphrosaurus. About it reports The Guardian.

The vertebra of an ancient reptile found on the beach near Cape Otway, in the Australian state of Victoria.

These dinosaurs previously lived on the territory that is now in Antarctica. Therefore their remains are extremely rare. Previously they were found in Tanzania, China and Argentina.

Photo: Stephen Poropat/Museums Victoria

Barosaur reached two meters tall and a fast runner due to short legs with four toes. Young were hatched from with teeth and ate only meat, and as they Mature become omnivorous. As we age, the mouth with teeth was changed on the beak.

It is believed that 110 million years ago in the Cretaceous period, when he lived barosaur, Australia was within the modern Antarctic.

Earlier it was named a new reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs. Also the Correspondent wrote that in Egypt, found the mummy of the girl with the treasure.

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