As it became known on Wednesday, may 15, archaeologist Edward Bleiberg
developed the theory, according to which the noses of the Egyptian statues have suffered from
the hands of tomb robbers.

About it reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to
the portal cursorinfo.

Bleiberg, curator of the exhibition in Brooklyn, where
many ancient Egyptian statues, including with a broken nose. Visitors
the exhibitions are often asked what is the reason, but Bleiberg has long believed
it’s all about ancient statues — it seemed self-evident that
by the time they appear some defects.

However, a more careful study of this question showed
the noses are missing and the characters in the scenes depicted on the plates. If the nose of the statue
can break away, on the bas-reliefs they were obviously deliberately broken.

According to Bleiberg, grave robbers, thus
tried to protect themselves from persecution by evil spirits. In the view of the Egyptians
the statues were a kind of vessel for the soul of the person they represent,
and damage parts of the body of the statue was deprived of its force. So, the destruction of the nose did not give
her “breathe”, says Bleiberg. So the criminals shield themselves from the fact that spirits
robbed the dead coming for them.

Statues broken noses will become exhibits of a new exhibition
dedicated to the iconoclasm in Ancient Egypt.

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