Alla Pugacheva



The Russians wrote the petition. which called for a review of the list of star guests on the “Light-2018”.

The opinion of one Russian named Vadim Adamyan, who was indignant Christmas broadcast on the first channel of Russian television, have influenced the public attitude to Alla Pugacheva. More precisely, the man wrote a petition, sending it to Konstantin Ernst, and the aim was to force the producers of the channel to review the list of star guests on the “Light-2018”. His appeal was that same person to see during the Christmas holidays on TV just tired and it’s time to give way to young.

Friends and colleagues of the Divas responded to the petition Manukyan differently, but defending the honor of the singer. Volochkova already crying because of the situation, Prigogine called the Creator of the petition, “sofa critic”, and Igor Nikolaev organized a flashmob called “We are for Alla Pugacheva” .

The artist wrote on Instagram the following lines: “Well, wishers, excited? It’s perfect!!! So life goes on. And my strength in love and support of fans. Again make sure this is real happiness.”.

Meanwhile, a petition against the Russian TV channel with the old “faces” has already gathered more than 114 thousand signatures.