The winner of the Moscow marathon 2017 Artem Alekseev

© Anton novoderezhkin/TASS

MOSCOW, September 24. /Offset. TASS albert Starodubtsev/. Russian Artem Alekseev won the Moscow marathon in 2017. About it the correspondent of TASS from the event.

28-year-old Alekseev, launched by the first number, running 42 km and 195 meters in 2 hours 14 minutes 15 seconds. He also won the Moscow marathon in 2016, showing a record time of 2 hours 13 minutes 40 seconds. The second was Fyodor Shutov (2:18.10), finished third Andrey Smirnov (2:20.44).

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This season, Alexeev took second place in the championship of Russia which took place in may in Volgograd .

In the women’s race was won 28-year-old Sardana Trofimova, overcame the distance in 2 hours 30 minutes 29 seconds. This is a new record for the marathon, previous belonged to Tatiana Tarasovoy (2:32.34) and was installed in 2016. Second place was taken by Marina Kovaleva (2:37.48), the third – Evdokiya Bukina (2:40.13).

Trofimov is also a winner of the Russian Cup in 2016 and the champion of Russia in 2015 in the marathon.

In the race for 10 km men defeated Igor Maksimov (29 minutes, 9 seconds), second was Iskander Yadgarov (29.20), the third – Rinas Akhmadeev (29.20). Among women first place was taken by Sedova Elena (33.49), the second – Yekaterina Sokolenko (34.10), the third – Galina Vinogradova (34.19).