People for the matches still don’t go.

Forward Brest “Dynamo” Artem Milevsky spoke about the situation with coronavirus in the League.

“Jokes aside, of course, but we all discuss the topic of coronavirus. As soon as we come to the base, then we start talking about it, who sneezed, who as feels. But it is very strange that we continue to play. We have games come on 50 people. Here cool? But we can’t solve something.

Not that I’m afraid of being infected with coronavirus, simply taking action being taken by any normal person in the world. The masks we wear, but about 60 to 40, who goes without them. People walk, all is quiet. Curfew no restaurants and cafes, but complain that it took a week and a half, and the people began to disappear.

Milevsky without football will become a couch potato who buys a Mat and will be doing the bar and press download and after on the sofa and TV shows to watch”, – quotes the words of the player in the program “Great football”