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The ranks of employees of the Moscow metro will soon join the robot with a humorous name Metrosa. Android will congratulate the passengers of the subway and to raise their spirits. On what stations will run the employee with artificial intelligence is not yet resolved, but he has already managed to win the favor of passengers of the Moscow Central ring, which was happy New year.

The robot with human facial expressions

Metrosa — humanoid robot models “Promobot” who is able to understand human language, answer questions, help to navigate the subway, take photos and print photos. The robot functions with the help of special technology Perm developers of Promobot. “The platform uses a lot of speech algorithms that support Russian, English, German and Chinese,” said TASS in the Department of transport .

The neural network is the secret of intelligence “Promovate” — recognizes the meaning of the human phrase and generates the appropriate response based on the available data memory. The robot — taught, he remembers and analyzes the response. Android blue glowing eyes and a full set of human facial expressions, for example he knows how to wink. In addition, Metrosa able to turn his head from side to side to move independently, simulating dance moves and to read poetry.

Artificial intelligence with a sense of humor

Metrosa has a sense of humor. He is able to exchange jokes with passengers in and out of the most awkward situations. So, the question “what is the fare in the Moscow metro?” the Android answers: “How so? Yesterday I knew how, and today forgotten.”

“Not like a subway and I love subway,” replied the robot on the request to tell about his attitude to Metropolitan subway. In addition, he knows the history of the Moscow metro and is ready to share it with passengers. The correspondent of TASS Metrosa gave a brief digression on the history of the station “Mayakovskaya”: “This is one of the most famous metro stations. The project, created by the Soviet architect Alexey Dushkina had become a real experiment. Station deep Foundation was conceived spacious, bright and high. Allowing such a thing could be possible? Thanks to a specially fabricated steel frame, cast at the factory where they make the airships. The layer was supposed to be decorated with mosaics, sketches, mosaics Dushkin ordered the famous artist Alexander Deineka”.

As faceless “Promobot” turned into Metrosu

According to the founder of Promobot Oleg Ciocarlia, the company manufactured the robot, and the content created by the staff of Mesmero on the basis of existing software. So, from the faceless “Promovate” Metrosa turned into a charismatic employee underground.

Moscow is a very popular city for tourists, and metro has a great responsibility, because it is the main transport hub of the capital. The robot assistant, capable of communicating in different languages, create the image of Moscow subway metro with the most modern technology

Oleg Kisakurek
The founder of Promobot

The idea is to produce service robots came to Oleg Kilocurie about five years ago. “The robotics market is developing very actively, and in 2013 we decided to start to produce service robots. In our opinion, this is a very promising direction and more nascent the market”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

Today Promobot is the only Russian supplier of unique robots-consultants to be used as administrators, guides, cleaners and sellers. In 2015 Promobot became a resident of SKOLKOVO. In 2016, the company received investments from the development Fund of Internet initiatives in the amount of 150 million rubles.

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