How does the football fever on our daily lives and behavior, and how involved in the “Big game” people, far from the sport? What will be left of the world Cup, if we ignore the core sports? These questions asked the organizers of the exhibition “Football in your yard,” which opened at the state exhibition hall “Ark”.

photo: Maria Moskvicheva

The world Cup is not only a professional competition, the world’s Sportshow and emotions of millions of fans. It is a socio-cultural phenomenon, which permeates the different spheres of life. From this point of view, the value of the football off-field approaches to the study of the phenomenon of the world Cup exhibition hall “Ark”.

The first thing that catches the eye upon entering the art space in a residential area of the capital near m. Timiryazevskaya – netting football goal, stretched across the room. It divides the room into quadrants. And creates the feeling that he was in a Studio a rabid fan .

In the exposition of the four zones. The first – a kind of entrance hall in the home of an avid fan. Place lyric. Here is the video and photos on the theme of unusual game format (finger or with elephants), and venue (on a canal in Venice, in the desert of Nigeria or snow Chukotka). And another picture that tells the story of a lone ball, which awaits its owner on the swings, on the stoop or in front of the gate in the yard. But, it seems, do not wait. Why?

photo: Maria Moskvicheva

The answer in the next area in the kitchen. Before us the fridge full of empty packs of crisps, chocolates, sauces, and soda, each of which flaunt the symbols of football. The food is far from healthy. Next to the collection containers stand notes “sofa fan”. It turns out that since the beginning of the world Cup he never goes out, hardly sleeping, watching football and sports, eating chips, and by the end of the tournament, it seems to him that the cat predicts the outcome of a match… Oh, the magic show and advertising.

The third zone is a window into the real world. However, the window itself is rather unrealistic, a conventional tablet. Before us on the white screen as a gadget, the labels in black frames exposure the news. Each “window” reports about innovations in connection with the world championship. That it is necessary to adjust the date of graduation under the schedule, a ban on travel to parts of streets during the games, the rules for the chefs, taxi drivers and volunteers, “dry law” in the stadiums and around match days, a ban on fry barbecue on the nature. The pros and cons of the world Cup in the dry facts. And information “noise” around the tournament in all its diversity.

And finally, the most important place — the fan-zone with the coveted sofa (also conditional, in the form of soft black cubes). From the ceiling hang scarves of different teams. On the walls – form players of various clubs, clippings from old Newspapers of momentous sports events and home football games. Here you can play table football or win video console. Feel like an athlete, without leaving home.

photo: Maria Moskvicheva

Plunged into a life of ardent “sofa fan” appears to be eager to go outside and play sports. This serves to make the visitors is to drive the ball. It is no coincidence that the exhibition is called “Football in your yard” and takes place in the exhibition hall, located in a residential five-storey building. The game was emotional. Fun. Alive. Not as spectacular as on the screen, but any personal, family, as it happens only in your yard.

Here is the answer to the stated question: Yes, football, especially in the days of the championship, enters our everyday life and even people who are indifferent to sport number one, become unwitting fans. Football everywhere, like a virus. On the street, in subway, in stores, on billboards, screens, even at home. But you can become a “sofa fan”. Or “team” feeling is the sport’s own body. Curator Anastasia Kozachenko-Stravinsky admitted that the exhibition was done by people that are far from football. But while they were preparing the project, rallied and decided to join in the art group, “Yes, but we are not” (Anastasia Kozachenko-Stravinsky, Kate Tesler, Nikita Spiridonov, Andrey Panitkov). Main exhibition – the work of their hands. And football paraphernalia borrowed from the true fan, newspaper clippings, and the fan-collector. So the world Cup has contributed to the birth of a new creative team. Turns out, it’s all about how to dispose of the “virus of football” – to pay for their own benefit or fall victim to it.