Such manipulations have been convicted and Belarusian propagandists.

Official photos of the incumbent President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev processed in photoshop to smooth out wrinkles and remove double chin.

The journalist of RFE/RL have noticed the difference between photos Tokayev, published on the official sites, and pictures of other photographers, said “Nastasee time.”

Tokayev receives credentials of US Ambassador William Moser in March 2019. The photo was taken by Kazakh photographer and published by the Agency Kazinform.

This picture was taken seconds later from a slightly different angle. It was published in the President’s office Tokayev. While the President strongly retouched, the face of the Ambassador untouched.

Tokayev at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow during his first overseas visit as President of Kazakhstan.

Photo of the same meeting published by the office Tokayev. Pictures were taken with a break of three minutes.

Meeting in Moscow, filmed by the photographer of the Kremlin.

The same conversation was published by the office Tokayev. In all the photos, studied Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, retouched only the face and neck Tokayev. The faces of the other people in the pictures are not photoshop.

At the end of April, the President of South Korea, moon Jae-In visited Kazakhstan. European Pressphoto Agency published a picture of this meeting.

Soon the office Tokaev published a private photo taken from a slightly different angle.

After the visit of Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban to Kazakhstan, his press office posted this picture.

Office Tokayev has published their own photo. Colors of pictures differ because of the use of different cameras and editing programs.

This photo Tokayev was made in April 2019 and published by Reuters.

Expert in retouching, who wished to remain anonymous, told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty that, in his opinion, photo edited “mainly using the blur tool to even out the skin on your face.”

Such manipulations have been convicted and propagandists of the Belarusian state-run media. Photo of his press service and “Kommersant” the same meeting in Bishkek, the Belarusian dictator looks completely different.

Compare for yourself:

The press service of Lukashenko

Photo: Kommersant

Photo: Kommersant

Photo: Kommersant