Photo: Screenshot from the video the Head of the Agency for environmental protection Scott Pruitt resigned due to recruitment of the teacher

White house officials are frequently attacked – they get kicked out of restaurants and publicly insulted.

The staff of administration of President of the United States Donald trump regularly attacked Washington residents. Such cases have become frequent in connection with the migration crisis, where children were taken from illegal immigrants and sent to a special facility.

Even the Washington Post, which regularly criticizes the policies of the American President, was called to give officials “eat in peace”. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Chapter DHS kicked out of the restaurant

The Minister of internal security of the United States Kirsten Nielsen was greeted by cries of Shame! at a Mexican restaurant in Washington, after which she was forced to leave the institution .

Nielsen was among those most actively commented on and publicly defended a policy of “zero tolerance” against illegal immigrants trying to cross the U.S. border.

A group of activists came to the restaurant, where there was Nielsen, and began shouting statements against it, including obscene content. One of the protesters turned on the recording of crying children of migrants who were separated from their parents.

“What is it like to eat Mexican food while on your order put tens of thousands of Mexicans who sought asylum in the United States,” – said the protesters.

Some visitors of the restaurant applauded them.

After that, the Minister left the restaurant and escorted got into the car.


Middle finger to EA trump

Advisor to Donald trump for political Affairs Steven Miller is also considered one of the main ideologists of the policy of the American President against migration.

He also had dinner at a Mexican restaurant when I met neodobrenie visitors. However, Miller finished dinner before leaving the restaurant.

“Hey, look who we have here: who would have thought that we will have near real fascist, begging for money on the new cells?”, – said in his address.

Near his house hung posters with the inscription “wanted”.

July 9, Miller was publicly humiliated on the streets of Washington after buying the dinner in a Japanese cafe.

When he took order sushi takeout, the bartender of the establishment ran after him into the street, publicly insulted him using obscene language, and after him the middle finger.

Advisor trump had to throw away my dinner because of fears that he could be poisoned or spoiled.


The Minister resigned because of the teacher

The head of the Agency for environmental protection Scott Pruitt resigned last week after during lunch he was approached by the teacher, Christine Mink with a two-year child on hands and demanded that he immediately resigned.

Her video in Facebook for a few hours gained over half a million hits.

Since its inauguration, Pruitt was at the center of many scandals relating to the alleged abuse of power and excessive waste.

B the moment, he opened at least a dozen cases. Pruitt also repeatedly criticized by environmentalists, who believed the chosen policy of the Agency is detrimental to the environment.

Speaker trump kicked out of the restaurant

The owner of a Lexington restaurant Red Hen Stephanie Wilkinson asked the press Secretary of the trump Sarah Sanders to leave the institution, citing the ban of the American President on transgender service in the U.S. army.

Later she told me that the restaurant staff, some of whom are members of the LGBT community, feared to maintain an official from the White house.

“The Red Hen restaurant should pay more attention to cleaning dirty cabins, cleaning of doors and Windows, not to refuse service to such a wonderful person like Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I have always had a rule: if the restaurant is dirty on the outside, he’s definitely dirty inside!”, – trump wrote on Twitter.


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