The statement of a dictator in Germany would be very surprised.

Friday, 31 may Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting with heads of constitutional courts of foreign States made a statement, which was able to cause surprise.

“Someone faster is to democracy, someone slower. Someone got burned on this democracy, including in the West. I often cite the example of Germany, the country of order, dostukalsya to the fact that girls in school are afraid to walk in skirts. Is this normal?” checked whether these words are true.

Apparently, describing the situation in Germany, Lukashenko kept in mind the message of four years ago. In 2015, the Russian TV told that the administration of one of the gymnasiums in Bavaria asked students to wear clothing that does not contradict the norms of Islam. It was the fact that sportsare the school was temporarily housed Syrian refugees. Students were advised to avoid too-revealing clothing, including mini skirts.

In the Russian marginal media is the message subsequently got a new form. It was already on German schools in General, and violent refugees.

Interestingly, in 2016, the Russian information space blew up even more fake. Supposedly the girl from Russian-speaking families in Berlin was kidnapped and raped by the Arabs.

The case went to an international scandal between Germany and Russia – it became clear that icenova girl Lisa just stayed the night with a classmate, fearing the wrath of parents for the problems in the school.

How do things stand with clothes German school girls, really? In Germany, mandatory school uniforms not. Last year the girls were told Deutsche Welle that the part of the administration there are only wishes not to wear shorts shorter than mid-thigh and not the bare belly and buttocks.

German students dress up as freely as before. In other words, the statement Lukashenko in Germany would be very surprised.