The situation may be even more acute than in 2017, the year.

July 30, the country was officially published amendments to the procedure of conscription into the army, they will take effect August 9. Their opponents believe that this story could result in mass protests, “radio Svaboda”.

At the end of June it became known that the Belarusian defense Ministry has prepared amendments to the rules of the call. The main innovation is only one postponement for admission to school after high school (earlier their number was not limited). In practice, this means that if someone already graduated in College and want to go to University, you will be able to do so only after serving in the army. With the receipt in a magistracy of the same. In defense of innovations is explained by the lack of recruits and noted that the new rules will allow each year to score by 4.5 thousand and more young soldiers than before.

The project has hit the net and predictably made a lot of noise. Publish media, posts on social networks. But that did not stop. In the short term there was a whole movement under the hashtag #webaware. One of the coordinators Denis Tikhonenko explained how this all arose and what may end.


“As soon as the new bill was in Parliament, I saw all the threats, the problems that lay there. Saw that the issues it raises, do not solve problems of national security. And that the adoption of this law will create an even greater threat to national security. Departure of youth abroad, the reluctance to serve in the army-that’s all.”

Tikhonenko decided to create telegrams-the channel dedicated to the new law. Doing everything yourself.

In addition, Tikhonenko has created an online petition against changes to the recruitment procedure. The results were unexpected.

“The first day we collected thousands of signatures on – said Tikhonenko. Next – more than ten thousand. Joined the famous bloggers, telegrams and other channels. We would be more gathered, there is just a restriction was in 10 thousand. All went like a snowball”.

90% are not from Minsk

The collected signatures was sent to the “house of representatives”. A month after creating the chat is busy not only Tikhonenko. He says that the structure now has a horizontal form. There are 5-6 coordinators. Everyone who joins, offers and implements their own ideas. The people are ready not only to write posts on the Internet. Already produced five hundred of icons about his attitude to the new law, someone even went on the entrances to collect signatures against the changes.

“This civil activism, it arises from the inside – said Tikhonenko. Not because I’m someone said to do or someone to whom you have paid. It is an initiative of the people themselves, it comes from them. Someone is a designer — made flyers, someone else that. We now have a new online form is completed. Where people write all your details, addresses. I looked at where these people are-there’s the whole country. Thought most of Minsk will be 90%. And there in fact, the whole of Belarus.”

In a common database with real contact and address according to Denis Tikhonenko, already signed by about a thousand people. Participate in the new campaign, even those who serve in the army is not threatened.

“I want to assemble a mass rally”

“With the site this story came out – the guy literally the day appeared – said Tikhonenko. – He is Belarusian, but lives abroad. He says that for him it is so outrageous that such a law appeared that just can’t stay away. He purchased your domain, this website leads, watching everything. I don’t even know much about what he does. Another self-made video, which explains the whole situation, run it now.”

One of the last steps is to raise funds for the initiative and its products in social networks. Denis Tikhonenko said that such in Belarus has never been done. At first he wasn’t sure if it will work. Per month on advertising was planned to spend about 30 euros. Has already collected more than 85 euros, $ 25 and 205 rubles. Telegrams in chat, created shortly after the publication of the bill, more than 1,700 people. After the official publication Lukashenko signed the document, the opponents of changes in the procedure of appeal pondered the output of protests offline.

“Our goal is to hold a mass rally in Minsk, – says Denis Tikhonenko. – While on some kind of probability of that event I can not speak. First and foremost, we need people. Active people who know about this problem. While we are working a month, this is a stage informing. and it will continue. Yet few people are aware of the issue. Propaganda proves how good the law. People look to BT, we don inform mainly through the Internet. In social networks, in messenger”

“It’s the same as the decree on “parasites”

Several activists have already filed applications for holding pickets. The response from local authorities has not followed yet. The coordinators are waiting for the reaction. According to Tikhonenko, it is very important to show people that it is possible to protest legally and without consequences for themselves and their families. However, he emphasizes that the purpose of the protest against innovations, not only their total abolition. Activists can agree on changes to the new rules. The main thing to take into account the interests, not only military but also civilians. Otherwise, I am sure Denis Tikhonenko, Belarus may be repeated mass protests 2017.

“The law of delay” — this is the decree about “social parasites,” he says. – If a huge amount of companies. This is not only conscripts, who this year will go to the army. It’s their parents, friends, younger generation, seniors, first-year students. Before the vote on the draft to the deputies told-do not Wake famously, is the same as decree No. 3. Then there was “chain letters,” now go agenda. People can take to the streets. Such resonance was not in any of the petition. The situation may be even more acute than in 2017. We decided that you have the right to peaceful protest. If this is not allow, then the situation will repeat in 2017. I believe the probability is very high”.

The new rules call for the Belarusian army will start to operate on August 10. Activists of the campaign “protest BY” we are convinced that the changes will last long.