Katerina Tikhonova

The work of Katerina Tikhonova was devoted to the study of the vestibular apparatus.

Katerina Tikhonova, which the media called the youngest daughter of President Vladimir Putin, on Friday became a candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences. For awarding the degree, the academic Council voted unanimously, none of those present on the protection of the criticized work, and the only scientist who had questions for the thesis, to the defense could not get there, reports the BBC.

Tikhonov defended in Moscow state University. University, one of the supervisors of the work was the rector of the University Viktor Sadovnichy. He concurrently holds the chair of mathematical analysis at the mechanics and mathematics faculty of Moscow state University.

Let not all

Institute of mechanics of Moscow state University, which hosted the defense research Institute complex mode. You can go there only by omission of the employee or trainee, or on a pre-approved list.

Students third-year students who walked out of the building of Institute of mechanics while protecting Tikhonova, told that heard nothing about what is happening in the building. Irina, a student of mechanics and mathematics, admitted that he had heard the name Tikhonova, for the first time from the correspondent Bi-bi-si. No additional security measures in the Institute she did not notice.

Another student admitted that he read the media publications about the identity of the same, but consider them rumors.

Together with journalists, which took place on the list to get into the building and tried an elderly man presenting as Givi Gorgiladze, Professor, Institute of biomedical problems, Russian Academy of Sciences. Gorgiladze told Bi-bi-si that the thesis Tikhonova – examination of the vestibular system of astronauts included in the scope of his scientific interests. But to the surprise of the scientist, to get in the building without a pass he could not (the position of the crossing regime MSU to get on the defense if the academic Council will make a wish in the special list).

Gorgiladze myself have long investigated the vestibular apparatus. In 1994 he defended a candidate’s dissertation On “vestibular function: some electrophysical aspects” and sent into space snails. But the work Tikhonova he criticized – and not only because he could not get. He noticed that all publications Tikhonova made in collaboration, a fully independent work she doesn’t. In addition, it confuses Tikhonova mathematician, and the study of the vestibular apparatus, according to str, requires a detailed knowledge of the structure of the brain.

He said he heard from colleagues, though the Tikhonov – daughter of the head of state. “I don’t like he’s [head of state]. Understand what it is. Researcher need to grow. This piece goods… Apparently, she [Catherine] was not engaged. Probably felt sorry for her,” he said.

As a result, the str was on this day the only scientist who asked some questions and criticized the work of Tikhonova. However, from the steps of the Institute.

“Met on Skype from eight in the evening until one o’clock”

The small hall where the defence was taking place, was fully Packed: listen protection Tikhonova came about a hundred people, among whom were a dozen journalists. Initially, MSU of journalists to protect start is not wanted, explaining that such a precedent has never been. But at the last moment still allowed to attend several contributing correspondents.

Katerina Tikhonova entered the hall exactly at four, she was presented flowers. She came accompanied by Sadovnichy, none of her relatives for protection came.

Tikhonov presented his thesis “the Mathematical problem of correcting the activity of the vestibular mechanoreceptors” about half an hour. After the speech she was asked only one qualifying question.

First then the floor was taken by its academic supervisor rector Sadovnichy. He first said that Tikhonov for education not a mathematician and physicist and orientalist. Earlier official information on education Tikhonova was not. According to Sadovnichy, in 2009, she graduated from the Institute of countries of Asia and Africa of Moscow state University and became a specialist in Japan.

“At this time she approached me, she attended one of the seminars that I led and said I want to do mathematics the part of mathematics that has application. Of course, for me it was a little surprising because there are humanists and there are the scientists, and then a man came up and asked for the chance to do mathematics”, – said the rector of Moscow state University.

According to him, a graduate of the ISAA is very difficult to pass master’s exams in mathematics and to write a master’s thesis.

“She [Tikhonov] due diligence coped brilliantly with the master’s thesis. Then we discussed that maybe attached [to the Department] and the applicant to be. And almost seven years of work [on a doctoral dissertation] she did it to present on your court my job. I’m not new to the training of candidates and doctors of Sciences, but I want to mention the exceptional hard work and talent of the author. You judge the work, but I want to say that we get a decent specialist in a very complex theme, such scholars are not so much” – Sadovnichy praised the applicant.

Then acted as second supervisor of the thesis , Vladimir Alexandrov. He noted the relevance of the study: “given recent events at the Sheremetyevo airport part of the blame should be put on training centres for pilots where there are no modern equipment”.

He recalled that Tikhonov did not quit your job when writing a dissertation. “Met on Skype from eight in the evening until one o’clock,” said the scientist. Tikhonov manages the company “Inpractice”, which works at MSU.

After Alexandrov Sadovnichy decided to speak again and said that the study of the vestibular apparatus, which was conducted by Tikhonov, is connected with her hobby – acrobatic rock-n-roll.

“Katerina Vladimirovna – renowned expert on sports rock-n-roll, so she insisted to take two correction methods, insisted to do the part about cognitive correction too. And we told her to write about one method is enough”, – told the story of the work of the rector of Moscow state University.

Opponent Vladimir Solovyov, a former astronaut, noted that the work “interesting, necessary, complex, good”. Another opponent, the INES Kozlovskaya (chief scientific officer of Institute of medico-biological problems), said that “the work is well decorated, lovingly.” “Thought patterns. For women it is important,” she said.

There were Tikhonova fan and among non-listeners. The woman, introduced himself as the candidate of psychological Sciences Tatiana Viktorovna and “great friend” of the rector Sadovnichy, throughout protection occasionally something inaudible loudly commented, while a section of questions made a strange speech.

“Katerina Vladimirovna, brilliant work. The question is about licensor. Given from provisions of our outstanding scientists from around the world, leading science for a hundred years – science, Vygotsky, Galperin… But, based on the provisions of the may decrees of the President of the sovereignty of our country and a breakthrough, we must all unite. Including not only the U.S. Congress and their “anti-Plagiarism”, which, even on the basis of the foregoing, already a rip-off, is a program of the CIA, so you know… the Question is: do you not think that already we need to unite, there is a breakthrough. We can dictate terms to the West, not the West us? That’s all,” said the woman.

She hastily took the microphone and did not give.

Tikhonov in his concluding remarks, agreed with everything you said and thanked all Council members and their supervisors. She confirmed that the thesis inspired her acrobatic rock-n-roll. “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what is both practical and romantic,” – said Tikhonov.

For the assignment of a scientific degree of candidate of Sciences Tikhonova was voted by all 18 members of the academic Council. Immediately after the vote Tikhonov in support of gardening rapidly left the audience. Before she left, a group of young people, looked for students of mechanics and mathematics, organized lined up at the exit of the audience, and fenced passage for journalists – just as they did during a break on the vote of the Council members on the thesis. They refused to speak to the correspondent Bi-bi-si and at the end of the event all together left the building.

“Independent researcher”

That Tikhonov has a younger daughter of President Putin, in 2015, told Reuters and Bloomberg. Several sources of Bi-bi-si also confirmed this information. In the press release of the Ministry of Finance of the United States from 6 April 2018 Tikhonov called the daughter of the Russian President. Putin himself has never confirmed nor denied the relationship with her.

What is the scientific Director Catherine Tikhonova was personally the rector of Moscow state University is unusual and very honorable. Sadovnichy infrequently acts as the scientific supervisor of theses, 2009 dissertation Tikhonova – the fourth in a row.

Another scientific supervisor of the thesis Tikhonova, head of Department of applied mechanics and control, Vladimir Alexandrov. Under the leadership of Sadovnichy and Alexander in 2011 Tikhonova, a diploma of a specialist. In the career of gardening it was the only time he was supervisor of the thesis of the student.

“Sadovnichy and Alexander for many years on issues related to movement control and vestibular apparatus, so there is nothing unusual in the fact that they lead this work, no,” said bi-Bi-si senior research fellow, Institute of mechanics, Moscow state University Andrey Tsaturyan.

Thesis Tikhonova on how to adjust the incoming signals to the brain the vestibular system and restore normal sense of balance in the unusual conditions of gravity or in the event of sickness affecting the body. It should help in particular to pilots and astronauts. Edition of the “Open media” reported that, according to the system “Antiplagiat”, the text of the original 95%, and most of the borrowings are taken from publications of one of her supervisors – Alexandrov.

In the review of candidate Tikhonova Sadovnichy writes that she “showed himself to be independent, motivated, goal-oriented and hardworking researcher with good knowledge of modern mathematical methods and is able not only to solve the very complex problems of analysis and synthesis control of mechanical and biomechanical systems, but also to put such tasks.”

Leading researcher of Institute of mechanics of Faith Kalenova, who was present at the defense, said bi-Bi-si, that, in her view, the relationship Tikhonova and Putin could not put pressure on the academic Council.”Unless the situation around. The severity of the aisle was completely unnecessary. Protection are completely open, there is anyone. Now it’s pass check, with a smile, said Kalenova. Well, maybe it is justified”.

In an interview with “Medusa” in 2015, Alexandrov told that the research interests Tikhonova – to create a mathematical model of the primary afferent neuron of the vestibular apparatus, and called her “an enthusiast.” Then he said that Tikhonov is not a student, but just “attached to the Department”. Tikhonov and Alexander are actively cooperating together they are co-authors of dozens of books, articles, conference papers.

Interestingly, on the website of “Bulletin of the Novgorod University” Tikhonov for several years submitted by the candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences.

Before protection, may 23 of this year Sadovnichy in conversation with “Kommersant” called Tikhonov my graduate student and predicted it “brilliant defense” of the thesis. The development Tikhonova he called the same his trainer for the stimulation of the vestibular apparatus for the astronauts. But, according to him, if his trainer was based on mechanical stimulation, the simulator Tikhonova – for electroplating. For his work], he said, received the order of red banner of Labor.

Judging by the information published on the website of “Truth”, Tikhonov leads the scientific activities in 2011. According to Web of Science, she has five citations in journals according to Scopus – nine. Along with Sadovnichy and Alexandrov, and Tikhonov other scientists listed as the owner of two patents on the device, and also co-author of four software development.

Not only scientist

In 2015, it became known that the company “Inpractice”, created on the basis of the structures of Moscow state University, under the leadership Tikhonova develops the concept of the project “valley of the MSU.” Rector Viktor Sadovnichy in 2015 at a meeting with Putin assessed the value of the “valley” at 110 billion rubles. Now the assessment has changed due to the exchange rate, have repeatedly said since bi-Bi-si Sadovnichy, but a new assessment refused to give.

“Inpractice” is based on the Foundation “National intellectual development” and “center of national intellectual reserve” (structural subdivision of Moscow state University). The Foundation was registered in December 2012. Since then, he has earned on government contracts, with 2014 contracts for the sum more than billion rubles for research and development, primarily related to the Geology. The main customer of the Fund – “Rosneft” and its “daughter” of “Arctic research center”.

Katerina Tikhonova is also known as the athlete who is professionally engaged in acrobatic rock-n-roll. Together with his partner Ivan Klimov it (performs under the name Ekaterina Tikhonova) won medals at the Championships of Russia, Europe and the world. For the 2014 world Cup, which was held in Moscow, the pair won silver. Numerous clips with the pairs performance available on YouTube.

In addition to Klimova, Tikhonov was also performed in tandem with Vladimir Ionov and Dmitry Alexeyev.

Now Tikhonov is one of the Vice presidents of the world Confederation of rock-n-roll. She also heads the international Committee of the Russian Federation in this sport.