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The Ministry of health has published draft recommendations on the work after may 22, kindergartens, hotels, public transport as well as for external evaluation. The document published on the website of the Ministry of health.

The project is preliminary, comments are accepted until the evening of may 19. Proposals for temporary recommendations, you can send an e-mail before 18:00 on may 19, 2020:

Recommendations during the UPE:

  • the participants will be allowed into the building only after the thermometer, a survey on the state of health and subject to wearing of the mask;
  • test participants should be seated with the observance of the 1.5-meter distance, but so that side, in front and behind the party place was not busy;
  • an hour before the test and after cleaning with disinfection of premises, also to ventilate the room for 30 minutes;
  • during testing, the front door should be open;
  • the locations should be on duty doctors.

Recommendations for the work of the kindergartens: