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The Ascension Of The Lord


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Ukraine news: Historian Socrates calls this day “a national holiday”.

The ascension in 2018 Orthodox Ukrainians celebrate today, may 17. They say that on this day Christ walks among the people and hears their pleas, so be sure to pray for the health of their family and congratulate the Ascension greeting cards and poems. It is believed that from this day the summer comes, many are not afraid of cold, it is also allowed to swim in lakes and rivers.

The feast of the Ascension of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ is traditionally celebrated on the 40th day after Easter. The ascension marks the final journey of Christ to heaven, to his Father for a reunion and a three-pronged reign of the Holy spirit, God the Son and God the Father. The full name of the feast of the Ascension of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Ascension 2018: the signs on may 17

According to the Slavic folk tradition, this day spring begins and ends with the transition to summer, so do not be afraid of the cold.

It is believed that if the rapture of the good weather, it will last until November 21, Michaelmas.

Rainy day, according to the signs, portends a poor harvest and disease in cattle.

If you swim at all to the Ascension in the river health will be strong.

If the hen has laid in this day an egg, it must be hung under the roof to protect occupants from harm.

The ascension of Jesus Christ: what is this holiday

The Orthodox Church commemorates on this day the gospel events connected with the last moment of Christ on earth. All this time, according to religious teachings, Jesus Christ dwelt on earth as disciples. The last time he appeared to the apostles in Jerusalem. After that he blessed them and began to climb upward, rising to God the Father.

The ascension as the great holiday is celebrated since the fourth century. It lasts ten days. The end (leavetaking) of the feast is celebrated on Friday of the seventh week after Easter.

In the folk calendar day of the ascension was the day of memory of dead parents and ancestors. In order to appease them and also the field of spirits, believers baked pancakes, cooked eggs, fried eggs and ate it at home and in the field, in between work, as the feast of the ascension coincides with the middle of the field work.

In memory of the ascension was baked in large oblong cakes, upper crust of which were laid across the beams (not more than seven, as it was believed that there are seven heavens). These cakes were brought to Church, and they were made of the te Deum, after which one part of them was given a parable and the other poor. These pies were called ladders, listovkami, lestnitsami.

The ascension is the last spring holiday. “Spring is about the Ascension to heaven goes up – on vacation in Paradise Highness asks!”

Ascension 2018: what not to do

In this pleasant day you should try to observe in the soul peace and tranquility. Try not to argue with loved ones, do something good for them.

The Church also on this day, is not recommended to engage in heavy black work. However, it is not necessary to shift the work to others, just try to move it to another day, but this to dedicate to prayer and spiritual enlightenment.

This day can not pronounce the phrase “Christ is Risen”, as in the Ascension of the temples endure Shroud. Found incorrect popular belief that the rapture must commemorate the deceased ancestors.

In Ascension you can’t think about the bad. Instead, I advise you to remember deceased relatives. This day is also to spend with family.

In the old days it was forbidden to throw garbage and spit on the street, because “you can get into Christ, who comes to the house under the guise of the poor.”