Administration of seaports of Ukraine (ASD) and the Ministry of transport of Germany exchanged protocols on the construction of the breakwater with the involvement of inter-state credit.

According to the report of the subsidiary company “Container terminal Odessa” German HHLA International GmbH (“WHO”), the parties exchanged documents during the visit of the German delegation, consisting of representatives of the Federal Ministry of economy and energy of Germany, the representative of the KfW Bank, the company’s management in the port of Odessa.

“The signing of protocols was a logical completion of the first phase of the previously conducted negotiations on further implementation of the joint Russian-German investor of the expansion project of the container terminal of Odessa sea port on Quarantine mole”, – stated in the message .

In addition, the General Director of DP “WHO” Anastas the cockin noted that thanks to the support of the parent company HHLA, the German government and the new head of SE “ASPU” Raivis Veckagans, managed to reach compromise agreements in relation to the further implementation of the investment project of construction of the container terminal at the Quarantine mole, which are fixed in the corresponding agreement.

The head of ASD R. Veckagans, in turn, added that in addition to the specific power increase and all the technical characteristics, the project primarily carries investment agreements with German partners.

“We welcome the positive outcome of negotiations with the state Secretary of the Ministry of transport of Germany and the leadership of the KfW Bank on the loan for the completion of construction for the project in the agreed time,” he said.

Among other things, the Advisor of the division of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia of the Federal Ministry of economy and energy of Germany Bernard the Spirit said, that German investment has earned on full capacity, are of great importance not only berthing, but the device of a breakwater, and dredging.

“We’re very keen to accelerate this work. Will be prepared and submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine a package of documents and then final decision will be taken, in what form and what design will be built the breakwater” – he said.

Company “Container terminal Odessa” is a subsidiary of HHLA International GmbH group, is one of Europe’s leading logistics holdings – German company HHLA AG (Hamburg).

Since 2010 the company is constructing a new container terminal together with ASD.

The construction of the terminal “Quarantine mole”, providing for the expansion of capacity at 600 thousand TEU annual handling is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Maritime transport industry of Ukraine. The total investment exceeded 5 billion UAH. The construction started in April 2010. In September 2014, the berths of the new terminal in the test mode, the processed first two vessels-the container ship. In 2016 about 40% of all container cargo traffic, processed by the DP “WHO” on the new piers of the Quarantine pier.