General Director of the Agency Svetlana Cumshewa

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MOSCOW, June 25. /TASS/. 48 Russian regions have implemented most of the requirements of the standard support volunteering, which was developed by the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI). This was announced by the head of the Agency Svetlana Cupsaw the meeting on support for volunteering in the regions, which took place on Monday in Moscow.

“Under the orders of the President of the Russian Federation we have this year, all regions should provide a normative implementation of the standard requirements nine steps, which provide the infrastructure, support and coordinate the development implementation of volunteerism in the region. Today we have 48 subjects of the Russian Federation for more than half of the items implemented in the regions,” she said .

Cumshewa explained that in these regions “already defined focal points at the level of Vice-governors, responsible for the development of volunteering and the removal of administrative barriers”. In addition, they developed a regional legal framework created public councils. According to the head of ASI, in 33 regions support centres for volunteering.

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As previously reported, in the regional standard for the development of volunteering include the adoption of rules of interaction between regional public authorities with socially oriented non-profit and volunteer organizations, the appointment of the person responsible for the development of volunteering in the region not lower than Deputy head of the Russian Federation, the establishment of a Council for volunteerism at the head of the RF subject.

The standard also involves the opening of resource centres, provision of subsidies and grants to voluntary organizations, providing information support and promotion of volunteerism, training of volunteers and officials, development of measures for the encouragement of volunteers, assessing the implementation of standards for the development of volunteering in the region.

In December last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on holding Year in the country of the volunteer (volunteer) in 2018. According to the President, the year of the volunteer will be a merit to society and assessment of the enormous contribution of volunteers to the development of the country.