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According to some, the loss of the army of the Syrian dictator are approaching a thousand.

In the Syrian province of Idlib, the aggravation of confrontation between Syria and Turkey. Turkey and the friendly Syrian opposition forces inflict crushing blows against the army of Bashar al-Assadand on teams Pro-Iranian Shiite groups, the speakers at his side, writes “Novaya Gazeta”.

We will remind, on February 11, Turkey began a massive movement of heavy weapons in the Syrian province of Idlib, speaking out against violations by the Syrian army the boundaries of the de-escalation all around the region.

Idlib is the latest area of Syria, so far beyond the control of the Assad regime. The Sochi agreement between Russia and Turkey established around Idlib, “the area of de-escalation”, which is jointly patrolled by Russian and Syrian military. The essence of this demilitarized strip — split regime troops and antiasadovskuyu opposition (which includes banned terrorist organization). Now the Syrian army is trying to take control of the last Bastion of armed resistance, while Turkey stands up for her allied opposition Syrian units, having in mind, first of all, the secular Free Syrian army.

On 27 February, the aircraft of the Syrian regime launched air strikes on the positions of the Turkish military. According to various sources killed from 10 to 30 Turkish soldiers, more than 30 are in hospital, many in critical condition.

The answer was not long in coming: all the next two days, Turkish drones attacked the positions of the Syrian army and its allies, the Shiite “Hezbollah” repeatedly at him, hitting artillery.

According to “New” losses of the Syrian sides are approaching a thousand.

Sources of “New” in Idlib gave us a few short videos from the front.

First video shot on a handheld video camera that the fighters of Hezbollah are fixed on the helmets (these videos later Hezbollah uses to train new fighters, as well as to create outreach videos).

We see the owner of the camera shooting the Turkish military or the Syrian free army (SSA fighters receive regular support from Turkey, wear the same uniform that the Turkish regular army).

The next is actually a dying message of a soldier “Hezbollah”.

Suicide video of a Hizbollah fighter

Caution! Watching this video is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Suicide video of a Hizbollah fighter (fighting for Assad), who was killed in an armed massacre in Idlib. “New” has established his identity.

— The new Paper (@novaya_gazeta) February 29, 2020

“What is happening with us as the legend of “Hezbollah”, as the battle in Karbala. In Karbala were all dead, and we are ready to die for you, Zahra. We can no longer resist, they mow us specifically. They went in and kill them all.”

The “new” managed to establish the identity of this soldier, his name is Ahmed Ali Khodr, he is from the Shiite village of Haret al Fakhani, he is survived by two sons, two and three years.

The circumstances of his death reveal the following two videos.

One is made by Turkish drone: we see the moment of impact, applied from the air to strengthen Hezbollah in the area Sarakeb. Last video (caution, shocking content!) filmed inside the fortifications and shows us the consequences of air strikes. Among the dead — and Ahmed Ali Khodr.

Frame video drone gunner for a few seconds before hitting the strengthening of Hizbollah. Source: the Turkish social network

Its impact on the strengthening of the Hezbollah. Frame video from the source of “New” in Syria

There is also a “New” was the voice message to the other fighters “Hezbollah”.

“The Russians left, Assad’s troops left us, we were all alone,” says the author.

“Nine times we were bombed, the number of deaths is huge. We were able to get ten bodies, but under the rubble is a lot more”, — the statement says.

Russia at the moment does not interfere with the opposition from its allies, the army of the Syrian regime and Hezbollah — with Turkish military units. On 28 February the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Lavrov has brought Ankara condolences in connection with death of the military.