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LONDON, March 9. /Offset. TASS Ilya Dmitriev, Maxim Ryzhkov/. The CIA has lost control over its own Arsenal cybersect.

This opinion was expressed at a press conference in London the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange.

“The CIA lost control of all its Arsenal cybersect” he said. “We are talking about viruses and other malware and spyware designed to infiltrate smartphones, TVs of new generation in order to be able to control them, to disable the remote, remove them with a remote information, or upload information to them,” – said Assange had taken refuge at the Embassy of Ecuador in the British capital.

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“Commercial damage to companies could potentially run into billions of dollars,” added Assange.

“This is a historic act of incompetence to disastrous proportions to develop this size Arsenal of malicious programs and keep it all in one place without proper security measures,” – said Assange. “The CIA failed to provide adequate security of this Arsenal, made his flight and is now trying to hide about it,” he said.

“We come to the conclusion that it is impossible to maintain control of cyberweapons means of cyberbully, – said Assange. – If you develop malware, then sooner or later you will lose control over their use. They will be shared with other, they will fall into other hands, you will not be able to prevent it”.

WikiLeaks is ready to transfer data to companies about the hacker tools of the CIA

Assange also said that WikiLeaks is ready to transfer technology companies information about the hacker tools used by the CIA.

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“After we’ve considered the best, from our point of view, the options for further action, and after we received requests from some manufacturers, we decided to give them exclusive access to additional technical detail that we have in order to afford to develop ways to correct problems and to ensure the safety of people,” – said Assange.

Last Tuesday on the WikiLeaks website has been posted about 8 million pages of documents about the methods of cyberwoman used by the CIA in the period from 2013 to 2016. From these records, that the CIA had developed malware that can monitor the people using their mobile phones, including iPhone as well as technology that you can use to access the smartphones around the world. They allow you to read audio traffic and electronic communications including the popular messengers WhatsApp and Telegram.