Svetlana Podpaly
Facebook Ruslan Forostyak

The police opened criminal proceedings on the fact of beating of the activist of Odessa Svetlana Podplay. This was announced by adviser to GU National police in Odessa region Ruslan Forostyak in Facebook.

According to him, the proceedings opened on the grounds of article 125 of the Criminal code (intentional minor bodily injury).

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Forostyak said that the investigative team withdraws footage of the area where the attack occurred.

He added that the investigation is under personal control of the management of GU NP.

“Law enforcement take it seriously, understand how important it is to set of people involved, and most importantly motives,” he wrote .

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At the same time, activist Vladislav Balinsky reported that Podpaly closed cherepno-a brain trauma, a bruise of soft tissues and the periosteum of the frontal part, extensive hematoma. She is in the hospital.

“She watched the two on the corner of Kuznechnaya/Tiraspol at 13.30-14.00. One stayed behind the wheel of a moped opened, the second, a lanky blonde with short hair and bright eyes, first called out, grabbed his hand, turned and splashed Svetlana’s face from the spray. Then shoved into the corner of the arched entrance and began to beat his fists on the face. After the Light fell, ran to the waiting comrade on a motorbike, jumped, and then fled in an unknown direction. Phone from the hands, backpack and the money is not taken”, – he described the details of the attack.

Balinskaya also noted that Podpaly is the mother of three children.

As reported, on Saturday at the Odessa journalist, the participant of investigative “Group 2 may” movement “Genproject” and “Green leaf” Svetlana Podporou was attacked in the center of Odessa the unknown.

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