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Famous astrologer Vlad Ross believes that Lukashenka’s days in power are numbered.

The ruler of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko could stay in power only until 2020, then there is a significant probability of being overthrown.

It is reported by a famous astrologer Vlad Ross, writes “Apostrophe” with reference to

While Lukashenko would remain in power in his country will not dramatically change. Although many speak about a possible invasion of Putin in Belarus, the astrologer considers this scenario unlikely and contrived.

Putin, the assurance of Ross, believes that Belarus and so it is completely subordinate, and thus does not make sense to Annex. In fact, Putin has already invaded Belarus – hybrid. Russian troops can be on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border and at any moment, Putin’s order to begin the offensive and the seizure of the Ukrainian territory.

“The orders of Putin – and after half a day, tanks will be in Kiev”, — said the astrologer.

Lukashenko, according to Ross, not going to argue with Putin, as totally dependent on him financially, and also in the sphere of oil and gas. Lukashenka is trying to maneuver and to please Russia and Europe.

Particularly significant changes will begin in 2021. Then “heads will roll” all the leaders of countries that in their posts have already been sitting for 20 years or more.