Photo: Katharina Immer/JIVE

A rare cosmic event in the milky Way was recorded only three times.

Japanese Ibaraki University, scientists have recorded the rare explosion of a space laser. About it writes Science Alert.

Source of rare cosmic phenomenon has become supermassive protostar G358-MM1. During its formation the accretion has occurred explosion. It usually happens when the star absorbs from interstellar space too much substance.

During this explosion become active masers. This is the radio-wave equivalent of lasers, which can be observed at centimeter wavelengths. They occur during the passage of the thermal waves through the matter surrounding the star.

The study G358-MM1 helped scientists to find two such incidents which have not previously been seen.

Astronomers believe that the fixed type of the accretion bursts were previously unknown.

Yesterday it was reported that a potentially dangerous asteroid is headed for Earth. Also Reporter wrote about what he found evidence of the existence of Hawking radiation.

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