At auction in Germany to collect money for children from Avdeevka




In Berlin, the auction will raise money for the rest organization in Germany for children from Avdeevka.

Berlin activists organized an exhibition and auction, proceeds from which will go to the organization of vacation in Germany a group of children from Ukrainian Avdeevka.

“Collecting money to Finance summer camp in Germany”, – told the Agency the project proponent MUSIK RETTET (Music saves) famous violinist Marina Bondas.

Is it with like-minded people from the project Heart for Ukraine, organized and brought to life the first such visit last year. Then the group of 13 children from Avdeevka and Slavyansk for two weeks were in Germany.

This time, according to Bonds, it is planned to organize two groups: 20 children from 8 to 16 years – and July in Potsdam in August Waterhaven .

She Bondas, a well-known musician, the Ukrainian violinist living for many years in Germany, often on the front lines with his instrument and lifts the spirit soldiers and local residents.

The auction will take place on Friday. It includes 46 paintings, installations, photographs, graphic works of 24 artists as well as Souvenirs made by craftsmen in Germany and in the Donbas.

Among the lots and pictures of Olga Michael. Living 13 years in Berlin, the artist originally from Moscow could not stand aside from the project. It provides not only for the second year in a row, his work for the charity auction and is one of his curators in the last year with the guys they did a real cartoon.

In 2016, the first such auction managed to raise 15 thousand euros.