Press Secretary Alsu Nina Ponomareva told that
after the show the winner began to persecute, reports “Russian conversation”.

“The number
nasty, threats, negativity, mud and accusations completely from all the cracks
because of the simple victory of a child, is that fair?” asked Ponomarev.

She believes all the accusations against the young singer far-fetched. So, the child works daily on improving the talent:
plays several musical instruments, sings and dances. With five years
the dream was to participate in the show, and now she is accused of unfair competition.

“This is stupid
cliche: in addition to talent if you have money, then purchased all at once”, —
added the spokesman.

She says that the team Alsu was not prepared for the finale
as counted on the support of the audience.

After the finale of “the Voice. Children” the First channel started checking the results of the audience voting. The General Director of the channel
Konstantin Ernst admitted that he will not be able to affect the outcome, but at the time
there was an anomaly with which to understand the experts. Also the judges
noticed the gap in votes between the parties, which was not at all
the history of the show.