Photo: BBC At London airport the man climbed up on the roof of the plane

Paralympic medalist climbed up on the roof of the plane against climate change. Another man refused to sit in his seat on the plane.

Paralympic medalist climbed up on the roof of a British Airways plane at London city airport in the long protests Extinction Rebellion, which stands for the fight against climate change. Reported by the BBC.

The cyclist, Paralympian James brown, clinging to the fuselage of the plane EN route to Amsterdam, shot himself on the roof of the plane and held a live broadcast on the Internet. However, he admitted during the broadcast that he was afraid of heights, he was cold and he hoped that it soon will be removed from the roof.

“It’s all about the climate and environmental crisis. We protest against the inaction of the government in matters of climate and ecology. They declare climate emergency and you do nothing about it,” said the man.

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan police Cressida dick described the action as “reckless, stupid and dangerous.”

Another man refused to sit in his seat on the plane, delaying the flight nearly two hours. They both bought plane tickets and passed security checks at the airport.

On the fourth day of protests against climate change, the riots in Britain are concentrated in London city airport. There that day, detained about 50 protesters who blocked the entrance to the airport.

Chief Executive Director of the airport, Robert Sinclair said the flights were carried out mostly on time or with slight delays, while two flights had to be cancelled.

Earlier in Italy, a million people protested against climate change.

As reported Корреспондент.net, Thunberg’s mission is to fight against climate change. At the UN summit in new York, she stated to world leaders that they are empty promises took her dreams and childhood.

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